Lost and Found

I’m sure you have all been eagerly awaiting the promised follow-on post from my lost possessions post :p  So voilà, please find below stunning jpgs of the previously mentioned lost possessions, plus the extra bit about my passport getting lost:


violin (unnamed)                                                 phone- George (recently painted red)


                          Laptop- George                                         Trumpet- George


Purse- Wilson                                                Oyster card- Melvin (not yet located)


And now, the passport story.  Good times.  I forgot to mention previously about how I lost George the passport, after leaving it in a bathroom at Amsterdam Schipol airport.  If you have been to Schipol, you will know that it is massive.  It has lots and lots and lots of gates, most of which look very similar, meaning that trying to locate the exact bathroom I had been in was somewhat challenging.  Luckily, I had the quick wit to ask a KLM person which gate my flight had arrived to, which narrowed down the search, and luckily I found my passport just where I’d left it, in one of the first bathrooms I checked.  Which was pretty lucky, since I was planning to fly to Ndola, Zambia that evening.

Yeah, clearly my face needed to be in the photo too…

And then I got so enthusiastic about myself, I decided you might like to see a myspace style photo of my outfit today, complete with passport :p