I don’t even know if thoughtfulness is a word [ohwait, google chrome didn’t do a squiggly line.  It must be a word.  Rejoice!].

ANYWAY.  As I was saying… Ohwait, I hadn’t said anything yet.

I like thoughtful people.  And a perfect example of this is my good friend le Claire.  Who is currently wrapping up the 30 presents she bought for her friend’s 30th birthday.  And not only did she buy her 30 presents, she dedicated herself to buying 30 frog-related presents.  30 frog gifts?!  Have you ever tried to imagine let alone buy 30 frog gifts?  There were frog pencils,frog rubbers, frog stuffed toys, frog garden decorations etc.  I was there when the final  gifts were purchased, and it was amusing going around spotting the ocassional frog-themed gift, only for le Claire to reply “got that one already”.  Genuinely can’t imagine the number of shops she must have visited to get 30 frog gifts.  If you ever need frog-related gift advice, you’ll know where to go!

And I just thought it was really sweet.

So three cheers for thoughtful people :) 

Friends and fun times

Essentially, the title is my answer to the tricky question of “what’s the point?”.  That’s my point.  I don’t believe in life after death, and I’m unlikely to leave this earth having made a memorable contribution to society as a whole, so what’s the point of my life?  Basically, having a jolly good time.  As Voltaire said, “life’s a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing on the lifeboats”.  Life is fleeting and unfair and painful at times, but whilst its here; I might as well make the most of it and make it worth my while.

Attempts at defining the meaning of life aside, here’s some of the fun I’ve had recently!

Helping le Claire to ‘break’ her Nandos virginity after an awesome day of Costa, wandering, chatting and shopping with two wonderful people.


My other favourite Claire <3  Playgrounds are sources of such fun, especially with the right company =D


Having amazing friends to stay.  Amongst many highlights, was this: fitting 6 of us into my bed, then yelling “LAURENCE!!!” in an attempt to get my flatmate to come jpg the event for us.  I imagine he was ignoring us by then (alone in the flat with 6 hyperactive girls, no wonder he went into hiding!).  But self-timer saved the day, and the epic moment was jpg-ed!

Amy is a hero for drawing all of our friendship group.  Genuine legend.

So I enter 2012 with high hopes!  I look forward to more fun times with the amazing friends mentioned above, as well as with my quite splendid flatmates, and with the jazz band, which I hope to get more involved in this term. (Caitlin, please yell at me next time I back out of something because I’m ‘too tired’ or ‘too shy’).  I’m going to kick my lazy butt in gear and keep on top of my degree and generally live every second of 2012.