I am turning into my father…

My girlfriend cooks dinner most nights, without any fuss; no big song and dance.  However, the minute I decide I’m going to cook, dinner preparation is suddenly second only to Everest in terms of Incredible Feats Of Bravery and Skill.  I’ve got my apron on, chopping vegetables like a sir, planning a big Sit Down Meal and heaven help anyone who comes into The Kitchen to make suggestions or enquire about how long it will be until dinner [one does not put time restraints on srs bsns chef wizardry].  The whole evening is set aside to engage in the art of food preparation.

And I’m just grinning to myself of how much I am reminded of the times my father decides to don the chef hat and cook for our family at home :)

We’re off the map now!

My boss commented today that my life is full of drama, and I don’t think I could of said it better myself.  The past week or so has been riddled with dodgy landlords,  mental estate agents, even more mental friends, sneaky letting agencies and reckless delegation.  And the particular woe of the day is about paying an extra month’s rent due to miscommunications.  Thankfully all it has cost me is money, so whilst I’m irritated and somewhat out of pocket, at the end of the day it’s only money.  And I’m lucky enough to have savings which can cover the loss, and plenty of things in my life that I value more than money.  And I know I’m ALL the soppy on ALL the days already, but it really is a wonderful thing to have things in your life that matter so much more than material possessions and money.  Though also a little daunting to have things that are so precious, when you’re as dozy and utterly careless as I am!

ANYWAY.  Back to the point. We’re off the map now!  I’ve waved goodbye to East London and hello to North London.  Hotel Devitt House was the home of many, many festivities, [and equally many guests!] and I have lots of happy memories of my time there, and hope to remain good friends with my housemates, who made my first year of proper flat-sharing-with-friends a fantastic one :)

 But it was time to move on and here we are.  My girlfriend and I [yup, this is me subtly coming out…] put a deposit on an absolutely adorable flat today and IT’S SO SHINY AND LOVELY AND WE WANT TO MOVE NOW.  Alas, we cannot move in until September 12th, so will spend the few weeks until then living in her old house, plotting the move and where things will go [oh dear Lord she just showed me the most horrendous ornament that  she thinks will look lovely in the new house *vetos*].

As ever, where Jenna goes, drama follows, but I’m learning to expect the unexpected, and live in the moment and be grateful for what I have.  Roll on new academic year, I’m ready for you!  [but brb, have a holiday to Cyprus, a house-warming party and a srs bsns birthday buffet to organise first!].