An International Affair!

So, the excitement of the week is that my friend from America is coming to visit in March!  Though we’ve spend hours on skype and had endless late night facebook message conversations, we’ve never actually met, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean.   Our plans include emotional displays of affection at the airport when we meet for the first time, a trip to the theatre (probably Billy Elliot), feeding pigeons and the Most Exciting Event Of The Year, which is explained in the next paragraph.  

We are organising a super-exciting event for ALL the people in our friendship group, so friends from Germany, Ireland and all over England will also be joining us in London and just basically ALL THE EXCITEMENT.  My organisational side has gone into ninja mode and there are charts and schemes and schedules to try to make sure everyone can make it and has somewhere to stay.

There probably won’t be many other times ever when ALL the people will be in the same place at the same time, so it really is utterly thrilling!

Quote for the day

Quote for the day

Archway station, where I live, does ‘quote for the day’ now and in 2013 I’m going to make it my mission to jpg ALL the quotes for the day. Some of them are a bit crap, but others are quite good. My favourite one so far was “I hope you live all the days of your life”. Which wasn’t only deeply enjoyable because I capitalised the ALL in my head, but also because it’s a legit nice quote also.

I’ve been too lazy to exit the house today, but here’s yesterday’s :)