2012 in jpgs!

So I decided to do a little round up of 2012, with a jpg for each month to describe something that was important last year.  Enjoy!

January – Nudelauflauf


Because life is always better when you randomly coerce your friends all over the world to make pasta bake on certain days of the year.  This was my January Nudelauflauf, the first ever Nudelauflauf event.

February – Flatmates


2011/12 was my first year living with friends, and thanks to my delightful flatmates, Fi and Laurence, it was a lovely year.  Now I’ve moved out, I even miss Laurence drunkenly knocking over my tic tac box collection, and Fi’s passive agressive notes on the whiteboard!  This jpg is Jodie and I with Laurence (my token male friend :p) on his and Fi’s birthday night out.

March – new people!


Whilst I knew them rather well, this trip to Manchester was the first time I’d actually met Hazel, Amy and Kiran.  Another lovely weekend with lots of lovely people.  This is a jpg of us chilling in Costa, potentially playing Pass The Hamster!

April – craft!

ImageI do love a good craft activity.  Lovely weekend with friends doing kids’ easter craft activities and an easter egg hunt!

May – SUFTUM!!


A wonderful day out with the family to watch my cousin in the Heineken Cup Final at Twickenham!

June – Surprise!


What a day!  After months of top secret planning, friends from all over the UK descended to London to give my best friend a most excellent surprise 21st birthday party.  Much thanks to everyone who helped organise it, and especially Jen who was the crucial link to Jodie’s friends who I didn’t previously now, and who’ve now become good friends of mine as well.

July – love


After many months of repeatedly denying being in a relationship, my best friend and I got together…

August – future


 In August I was lucky enough to be able to go to Cardiff to for my friend’s wedding to celebrate start of a wonderful future for her and her wife.

September – friends


Lots of lovely people trekked to London to help me celebrate my birthday.  I got loads of lovely presents, had a great time, and this excellent ‘class photo’ is a fitting excellent memento.

October – being appreciated


This was me being presented with a book full of lovely messages from all my friends which was sneakily put together without my knowledge.  It’s wonderful to feel appreciated.

November – silliness!Image

Because a little bit of silliness never goes amiss.  And yay for fancy jpgs!

December – family


Within just a few days, we managed to get to see 23/24 members of my extended family (minus points to Judith for not making it 24/24!); it was lovely!
We went to one of my cousins’ wedding parties and met his lovely wife for the first time, and also saw our uncle Denver and soon-to-be-Auntie Fiona for the first time since they got engaged!  I do love a good wedding!
This jpg is of three of the McClean clan families.

My contribution to Rubber Duck Day!

My contribution to Rubber Duck Day!

My girlfriend once mentioned that she quite fancied a rubber duck, so guess what she got for Christmas…