Two happy things to start the day:

1. I asked my friends for a life update and they were more interested in demanding a life update from me than telling me about their own lives.  That was nice :)

2. If you ever feel low in the self-esteem department, I recommend you listen to this song and learn the words.  Nothing like a rousing rendition of “I am the millipede, I am the champion.  No one else in the universe keeps pace” to boost your ego a little :P

The Sunny Side :)

The sun came out today- SO MUCH HAPPINESS.  I had forgotten how cheerful the sun made me :)

I haven’t done calendar quotes for a while, so here goes!

“Be truthful, gentle, and fearless” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Life is much too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it” – Oscar Wilde

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring” – David Bowie

In the life of Jenna, I found out I suck ever so slightly less at Design Of Experiments (one of my modules) than I thought I did.  I also did a couple of brave “moving forward with my life” type things in the past few days, and I also got an excellent t-shirt!  Life is good :) 

In other news I need a new picture thingy to go across the top of this blog.  Someone computer-y or arty make one for me??? *bats eyelids*

Don’t count the miles, count the I love yous

To start off, I note that the title quote is more pleasing aesthetically if you put an apostrophe in before the s in ‘yous’, but one does not simply tolerate poor grammar.

Anyway, this is a post about friends who are now many many miles away.  In America, Germany, France and Ireland.  And to be fair, Southampton, Plymouth, York and Grantham feel pretty far away right now too!  It’s about a month since we were altogether and I miss them all terribly, but instead of woe-ing, smile at the memories :)

– hugging Ilana for the first time at the airport
– Conor, who is normally super-quiet, strolling into my lounge and giving a five-minute monologue
– Anna, Ilana and Justiene trying to coax me down when I got stuck trying to break into my own house
– “You gotta be in the race to win the race”, quoted endlessly from mean girls 2 by Lana, Jodie, Ilana and Kiran
– Lana REPEATEDLY laughing at my tummy
– Organising a last minute Wetherspoons gathering with about 2 days’ notice
– Rounds of applause and standing ovations
– Ilana and Jodie chasing pigeons in Trafalgar Square
– Kiran blackmailing the travelodge people into telling me fibs
– Whining at Justiene for her slow-walking (caused by me knocking a whiteboard onto her foot…)
– meeting ‘the queen’
– shenanigans in the multifaith prayer room at Heathrow
– mpgs and jpgs


We’ll all be together again sometime soon, but until then, don’t count the miles, count the I love yous.


P.S. Most Exciting Event of the Year people, I demand you tell me your favourite memories of the week :)
P.P.S. I haven’t forgotten that almost all of you owe me money for your McDonald’s :P