In which things were learnt.

Finally, the longest half term of the year is over and I have never been so happy in the knowledge that I won’t have to see any children for over a week.  So excited to relax, see friends and SLEEP.  And of course brimming with enthusiasm for my reflective assignment that is due god knows how soon and is about god knows what.  Though ironically, much as the thought of a reflective assignment distresses me, I’m quite happy to reflect on my experiences, as long as it’s on my own terms!  I’ve learnt a lot over the last few weeks.

– children can be vile.  One of my students got strangled by another student yesterday, and whilst he was absent from my class following this, another student found said student’s test paper, read out his score to anyone who would listen and laughed.  And that’s a ‘good’ student, who’s rarely in trouble, not even one of the notoriously badly behaved students.

– children can be lovely.  One of the girls at the maths club I run said she wished I was her teacher, and another said I was nice.  Self-esteem boosted for an entire week after that!

– year sevens are the most entertaining age of children to ever exist.  They write on the wrong page, ask the most ridiculous questions, think that giving out the books is the most exciting the to have ever happened to them, and have the most heart-warming enthusiasm at times.  At least five of them couldn’t even remain in their seats yesterday in their enthusiasm for me to pick them to give me the answer to the last merit-question of the term.

– maths.  Yesterday (whilst bothering my colleague who was quite clearly trying to pack up and leave the school, not teach me maths) I learnt two ways to prove that the angles in a triangle add up to 180 (no idea how I did not know these proofs already!) and an amazing proof for the Monty Hall Problem. I’ve also had more than one heated discussion with colleagues about how many faces, edges and vertices a cone has.

I also have a whole new level of admiration for music teachers, following a musical performance by year 7 in assembly.  I just can’t imagine how people infinitely more musical than myself can listen to, praise and encourage such catastrophic music-making every single day!

Happy half term!!

I’m too young for this…

By ‘young’, I mean ‘immature’.  Students keep doing things that I should find displeasing and unacceptable, but my (not-so-) inner child just emerges and I get the giggles. Fortunately, most of the time I manage not to laugh in front of them, but not always!  Some of them are just such brilliant characters, I can’t help it.

In other news, success of the week is tentatively winning over most of my GCSE class.  I’m told to expect them to be lazy and not do well, but we appear to have almost got the work-banter balance sorted and one lazy chap in particular did SO much work in my class this week, including a question from a higher GCSE paper.  It’s early days, and I’m aware I have a lot of naïve optimism, but I certainly think there’s hope for them yet :)

In non-school news, I have somehow ended up with three new hamsters.  Not the plan.  But they’re super-cute!  And I’m really excited to have booked my tickets to the Great North for Christmas!  Although didn’t manage to convince my mum that it was worth getting a 5am train back in order to save £30…