Penultimate week!

I’m sad I didn’t blog last week, because then I could have used the word ‘antepenultimate’ in the title, which is a pretty good word.

This week I received my first ever Christmas cards from youths!  And one of them isn’t in my class, but comes to the gifted and talented club I co-ordinate, and she wrote in the card that she wished I was her maths teacher- clearly she has never seen me actually teach, but lovely to read anyway!

Also had an awesome time seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical on Tuesday, with excellent company.  We had seats near the front of the stalls that normally cost £66 (we got them for £33) and the view was AMAZING.  And it’s a cracking musical and I got to see friends so YAY.

Also2, met up with a friend today, and seeing lots of excellent people tomorrow then seeing Fi & Fi on Friday and loads of people on Saturday/Sunday so lots of positivity to end the longest term of the year :)