Finding my feet

Have been plotting a blog post with this title for some time, but then get taken over by woe and so don’t!

But I think I am finding my feet, finally.  If I think about it, it ought to be no surprise that even with the stress and the tears and frantic juggling of life and work, the classroom is the setting for me finding stability and moving forward with my life.  I’ve always found The Real World to be a confusing place, but everything always made more sense in a classroom where the rules were clear and conversation was structured and directed.  I don’t think I’ve ever been nervous before a lesson, which I think is probably quite unusual.  I sometimes can’t face the noise of post-lunch year eight students, and sometimes I’m sad when it feels like they hate me, but never nervous.  I sometimes nearly skip briefing because I can’t handle the social minefield of where to sit, yet standing up and teaching a lesson, policing (often initiating) the off-topic discussions and silliness doesn’t really phase me.

I’m over-worked and there are never enough hours in the day, but it doesn’t bother me a huge amount.   And I’m making time for other things, like games nights and Silent Witness and adventures, so I even feel like a moderately well-balanced human being too.

I shall leave you with the following random anecdote: whilst watching a incident of anti-semitism in The Boy In The Striped Pajamas this week as part of an off-timetable enrichment day, one year seven student yelled “THAT’S PEAK”.  Actions that led to the one of the biggest genocides of recent times and the most appropriate adjective he could think of was “peak.”…