Thank You for the Music

I have seen a LOT of West End musicals, and Mamma Mia is right up there in my absolute favourites.  And it’s definitely the most feel-good one I’ve ever seen.  Today I had the thrill of seeing it again (I should mention here the excellent company I had on this adventure before Emma throws a tantrum :P) and had an excellent time.  I was struck this evening by how amazing ABBA really were.  So many things have changed since the seventies and many things have gone out of fashion, but the music of ABBA has most certainly not.  They last performed together 8 years before I was born, yet I’d hazard a guess that most people of my generation know at least a verse and the chorus of Waterloo!

And I love how happy a few songs and a boogie can make people- after the bows, the audience were on their feet for a rendition of three ABBA songs and I took a moment to look around and saw everyone around me smiling and dancing as if they hadn’t a care in the world.  And that’s the power of music- I’m sure there were many weary, stressed and sad people in the audience but the right music lets you escape from the world for a little bit and just have a cracking time.

It’s been a tricky week but had an absolutely lovely evening catching up with a friend and doing some high-quality dancing along to such a cheer-inducing show :)


And I promise you you’ll see the sun again

The first time this year that I left school and it was still light I thought there must have been some sort of mistake and that I’d left too early, but of course summer is coming around and we’re seeing lots of sun again, so it seemed a fitting time to think about some summery things I’m looking forward to.

– summer holidays; no youths for six weeks!

– Thorpe Park for Jodie’s birthday (facebook invites on the way folks!)

– Tunisia!  Will be lovely to bring a stack of books and just read and relax for a whole week.

– picnics!

– perhaps making use of the merlin passes and going to Alton Towers =D

– hopefully seeing lots of my beautiful friends.  Ilana and Lana, I demand that you make your way across your respective oceans to visit at some point this summer!

Hoping you’re all enjoying the slightly warmer weather :)

“And you probably don’t want to hear tomorrow’s another day 
Well I promise you you’ll see the sun again 

But you gotta keep your head up

Just some happy things:

1) Saw Miranda Hart at the O2 this week, something we booked tickets for almost a year ago!   SUCH FUN.  Was lovely to get out and do something a bit exciting, as well as seeing Lucy, who came with us.  Part of her show was centred around a buffet, which of course made me giggle (who died?!).

2) We recently had Flat Gabe to stay (if you are unfamiliar with the concept, google ‘Flat Stanley’) and went on many adventures, including riding the London Eye for the first time (after five years living in London!) and helping build the lego cathedral at Durham Cathedral.  Gabe also managed to sneak into a picture in my school’s parent bulletin, a feat of trolling I am particularly proud of.  Gabe has now arrived in Southampton and is having many adventures there with the lovely Sarah :)

3) Today is pi day!  (If you write the date in an American fashion you get 3.14, which is of course the start of pi).  Happy memories of eating pie at pi o’clock with my Jen-twin.

4) People are awesome.  (Have genuinely had to rethink my “I don’t like people” stance).

5) I rediscovered a song I love, that I’d somehow forgotten about.

6) My mother is coming to visit tomorrow.

6) And now I’ve just found a tasty snack that I forgot to eat this morning, so all is well with the world.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!  (Kidding myself that anyone actually reads the nonsense I post)