So I’ve been meaning to write about my birthday treat for like a month now, and am only just getting round to it!

I had the most amazing day at Alton Towers with my family :) Turns out Air is 10 times more fun when my sister is screaming the place down and grabbing the hand of a random stranger to comfort her as she is subjected to the biggest terror imaginable. And some of this was just the beginning of the ride when you are tilted to face the floor ready to ride the rollercoaster in a ‘flying’ position. Of course as soon as it finished she wanted to go on it again.

The newest thrill at Alton towers in the Smiler, the world’s first 14 loop rollercoaster, which will set you back 70+ minutes queuing time, or £10 for a fast track. It’s certainly intense and you get a good 2 minutes 45 of being thrown about for your wait. I don’t think it was a scary as I was anticipating, but that’s because it’s mainly big drops that scare me (and it doesn’t have any) and it’s still definitely only for fearless thrill seekers!

And a word of warning for northerners who assess everything on a comparison with Lightwater Valley- whilst the Runaway Mine Train may look like the Ladybird, it’s actually fairly adventurous for something that looks like a children’s ride!!

All in all, a fabulous day with fabulous people :)


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