Exciting plans!

When procrastinating life by browsing my facebook news feed, I often come across exciting things that I want to do in London, so thought I’d make a list of things that I think look like fun, so that I don’t forget them and to share some of the quirky stuff I have come across!

1) Not London-specific, but I need to go and see the Imitation Game!  I’m sure lots of people are keen to see it because Benedict Cumberbatch but it’s all about the maths & codes for me :P

2) A board game café opened in Haggerston today; hours of fun to be had!

3) There is a cereal café opening in Shoreditch on December 10th; yum!

4) Piebury corner– I’m keen to give it a go, but it will have a hard job beating my favourite pie shop

5) Mamma Mia will always be on my list of things to do! Think I’ve seen it three times already this year :P

6) Working my way through the list of best hot chocolates in London is now underway, after my lovely Jodie took me to Choccywoccydoodah last weekend, which was well worth the half an hour or so queue to get in.  As well as hot chocolate, we got a dipping pot of melted chocolate, with mini cakes, strawberries, biscuits and marshmallows- what could be better?  (Well, dipping items which didn’t have nuts in almost everything I guess, but we were provided with an extra portion of strawberries and marshmallows at no extra cost, so I would have stuff to eat!)  Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and of course, delightful hot chocolate, jpg below (person holding hot chocolate not quite so aesthetically fortunate, but never mind!)

photo (1)