Counting my blessings

While sulking around on my online banking grumbling to myself about having to fork out money for a new train ticket home tomorrow (because some numpty didn’t renew her railcard and another numpty didn’t think to check if said numpty’s railcard had expired when booking the tickets) it dawned on me how lucky I am that right now dipping slightly into next month’s wages is the biggest of my concerns.  Tomorrow I will be en route to spend Christmas with my four favourite people and I am so excited to be home at my favourite time of the year. I have two weeks holiday from my godforesaken job which isn’t half as godforesaken as some jobs, and I’ve come out of my shell somewhat this year to the point where I will miss the social side of work a bit over the holidays!  And of course I have the most fabulous fiancée and amazing inspiring friends who are dotted all over the world.

I am in many ways incredibly fortunate with the life I have, and sometimes it takes a minor catastrophe to remind me just how minor most of my catastrophes are!


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