2014 in jpgs!

2014 highlights:


Family: This was us enjoying a particularly intense family board game!

C-S residence gatherings

Friends: More games and good times in the last few hours of 2014

faraway friends

Not going to the Charles Dickens museum: Three years later and we still never made it!

love love2

Love: Proposing to my lovely Jodietrix in Venice!


Theme parks (with plenty of swirly slush!): Visited Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Chessington at least twice each!  Excellent fun!

srs bsns employment

Srs bsns employment: Still undecided as to whether teaching is for me, but have had some awesome times with these lovely people.

tic tacs

Tic tacs: I have about 10 tic tac boxes on my desk at work and people ask whether or not I’m obsessed with tic tacs.  Little do they know that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

2014 also featured my PGCE, several rodent buffets (two of whom date right back to Devitt House days), a Rubik’s cube obsession, many musicals (mainly Mamma Mia!) and lots of hot chocolate :)

Here’s to more fun and adventures in 2015!


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